1/4 of the immediate Bliss family.

Fiancé to a fittie and mother to two Bliss babies, Beaux – 2.5y & Casey – 4m

‘Don’t be fooled by the glass that I got’ – self proclaimed, exceptional lightweight

Currently attempting to keep these two children alive while simultaneously trying to not raise psychopaths – Doesn’t look promising.


The further I go, the more I discover that I am learning more about myself, than I am them.

Bear with me as I have had minimal sleep due to a ‘starved’ newborn son, am a complete slave to a two year old sass queen and am mostly fuelled on caffeine and anything I can eat without her seeing and politely reminding me that “we must always share.” 🙄

Join me as I navigate my way through the triumphs, trials, tribulations and tantrums of parenthood.