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While its difficult for me to get on board with what it stands for, no offence but genocide just isn’t my bag, I like the idea of taking some time to think and voice what you’re thankful for. Something we should all practice more often.

As the saying goes “this too shall pass” and while I’m continuing to battle this anxiety daily, last week I felt so desperately far from those words it seemed I’d lost sight of the forest for the trees. Deep down I know it’ll pass each time but in those moments it seems improbable.

I’m thankful for my little family, the people that open my eyes each time, either by merely existing or for giving me something else to think about. But primarily to Dan for both and for having the patience to let it pass.

Also to my two little loves who help me see the greatness in every waking minute, day and night!

So today I’m very, very thankful



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