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2017- another year around the sun.

Sorry its two weeks late! I’ve been up to my nuts in all things unicorn mentally preparing myself for a 3rd birthday… Finally finished this.

2017 was an interesting one, a fucking long one considering I was pregnant for about 17 months of it. Although I seemed to have blinked and missed it all. 🤔

I barely remember being pregnant, however everyone that was around me will vividly recall how I despised everything of everyday. – Considering I had an absolutely blessed pregnancy for the second time, I feel I probably took the piss a bit. Second time round there’s minimal enjoyment or time to compare your little foetus to fruit and veg. Plus you know what’s coming, or at least you think you do, then the night feeds and zero neck control hits you like a sack of newborn-tar-shit. Second time round it’s really just about getting through the day and keeping everyone alive.

I’m ready for a year of not being pregnant, because this is a biggie for me and all my friends turning 30, so it’s an excellent time to not be pregnant. Listen to my words, BabyGods – notice the emphasis!
Ready to wear things that don’t resemble tents, but at the rate I’m going on the #cheesegate front I may just have to crack back into the maternity box. (that’s waiting for a vulnerable, hormonal pregger to buy off my Depop – not awaiting the next incubation!)

Plus a heatwave would be welcomed in 2018, as long as I’m not 486 weeks pregnant this time.

Here’s just a few of my faves from 2017.

The last few days with my 1 year old

Beaux’s 2nd birthday – cake at 6am before work/nursery definitely sets the day up right.

Cat party with Frank and Bev.

The utter sigh of relief when you see their little body after spending the half an hour in the waiting room working yourself up that you were in actual fact having a phantom pregnancy and the whole thing was a lie.

‘Is it summer yet?’ The classic ‘coming soon’ post.


These two

The last time. Beaux’s last sink bath

The first walk of the year. Tried to ‘stay active’ during this pregnancy.. even though I was working 9/10 hour shifts a day.

It’s a BOY!

Loving Helen all year.


Quenching that pregnancy craving.

Beaux clearly thrilled about my ever growing bump

CRACKED POTTY TRAINING IN ONE GO soznotsozforthesmugness

Did a 4.5 hour drive to Cornwall solo with this one and survived. Although we listened to Frozen soundtrack the.whole.way.home.

Went for an innocent day out that turned out to be one of the fucking hottest days of the year and stupidly we decided to pick strawberries in a greenhouse.

Literally got to the point I had to hold my bump up.

A day in the gardening swimming, with Dan showing the benefits of sunscreen

The actual hottest day of the year, 35 degrees and about 75 months pregnant.

Baby shower of dreams

Brunching with the Babe Bliss

10 mins before my waters broke I got the weirdest feeling so went and sat with B and took a photo thinking this might be the last time its just us.


Casey Cooper Bliss 28/07/17 – 15:02 – 6lb7 The cub

He was so tiny!

Breastfeeding her baby

Bee met Bear!


More love

“Never a dull moment”



Those cheeks


That just about sums up the last few months of 2017


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas


Watching these two fall in love with each other more every day




Caseys first night in his own room!


All got a bit much for him Christmas morning


1st Christmas as 4!


Nonnys 90th Christmas and Nanny made a light up gingerbread house of dreams!




The boy


And thats basically every photo in my camera roll. JK there’s currently 9k+

Wishing you all a year filled with love and all the best ones.






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