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Eeeeasy cheesey sweet potateee


  • Sweet potato (amount depending on your tribe)
  • Cheese (I used cheddar but Parmesan would’ve been better)
  • Salt & pepper

Optional; sour cream, chives, crispy bacon bits


So somehow I’ve never, ever been able to get sweet potatoes right? I either steamed them till next Tuesday or I try and make fries in the over or I leave them too long and they burn to a crisp.

I completely winged (standard) this earlier and it was by far the best and quickest way to make a great potato situation in under 15 minutes. For all the family!

Stab up a sweet potato and wack it on a plate in the microwave for 7 minutes, turning once.

I put it on a chopping board to cut in half and then on each half cut almost all the way down into squares. I cut the ends off because they looked ugly but I’m sure leaving them on would make them stay in shape a little better.

I put a little butter in the grooves and seasoned (leave off the salt if it’s for the kids)

I put them in separate le creuset because the larger one was filled with fish fingers in prediction/preparation of them deciding it was a no from them.

I grilled them for around 3 minutes and then added cheese. Grilled for another 3 minutes. Cheesed. Parmesan would have worked better as cheddar is quite oily. Leave under grill till they’re the right amount of crispy.

Remove and plate up. I added courgette fries but a dollop of sour cream, crispy bacon bits and chives would have gone down an utter treat.

Naturally the kids hated it because of teething and jab fussiness. But I can vouch that they were stunning!



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