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I mean it was more like 15 weeks that it took, if not more! Casey took so much longer to wean and thats ok! I know we should never compare our child to another but its difficult, especially another one of your own as to you, that has been the norm.

Beaux was so ready to be weaned from 4 months just had a couple of spoonfuls of babyrice in the evenings and a puree pouch here and there and by six months she’d smashed back a couple of family size meals. But as with everything, I think she was just an exception to the rule.

when it came to Casey being of a similar age to what Beaux was, I was eager to try some new textures for him. ABSOLUTELY NOT. ABORT. ABORT. ABORT! I went with some sweet potato mash, not even a spoonful and he gagged, chundered and proceeded to throw up everything in his stomach! I retreated into a deflated ball questioning whether the timing was right for Beaux if this is how he was. But I had to, and still do, remind myself that every child really is different. Even if they’re both yours!

It got to 6 months and still the gag party was in full force. I couldn’t handle it. Every time I tried it again it was so stressful I’d get a beaded upper lip just preparing the food only to feel disheartened and upset that I was putting him through the trauma.

At 7 months we tried sweet potato again and I wizzed it up so much it was almost a liquid and he absolutely loved it! I introduced a different vegetable every week, and slowly lessened the “wizz”. By 9 months he was loving porridge and yogurts and toast, although he’s still a little sensitive and thats ok. The HV was pleased with his progress and by 10 months everything starts to fall into a place in terms of your confidence and comfort of things.

All I can say from my personal experiences is that, once again, there’s no real rule book when it comes to your children. I mean, of course there’s those silly rules of not giving your baby 3 raw eggs in a protein shake every morning, or chicken liver pate as a starter before a cheese fondue…Minor details! But it’s just common sense really, their stomachs are so pure and new its best to start bland and work up to a wild ‘Around the world in 80 flavours‘.

The whole weaning experience in a nut shell: If you think back to that time you nearly died after drinking 2 litres of Lambrini with vodka as a mixer and had your stomach pumped… Well thats how sensitive babies tummies are, so I always think about what I can handle when I’m hungover to absolute hell (other than a bath and a can of full fat coke), I think of bland things, anything mashed, little beige snacks, by 3pm I could probably handle something sweet,  and by 9 I could definitely smash up a large dominoes. BUT, you’ve got to work yourself up to that point or you’d probably do a lot of damage to the porcelain thrown.

And if that, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t the greatest metaphor for those weaning months then I don’t know what is… 

Take your time. Lots of smiles. If the smiles aren’t genuine then hold off a little longer. There is absolutely no rush. Milestones are simply a guide, you don’t lose mum points if your child isn’t on solids at the “SUGGESTED” time. Don’t listen to that Barbara twat in your NCT group who’s kid is eating smashed avo on buckwheat toast, sprinkled with crushed goji berries and bird feed with a knife and fork at 6 months on the dot while your child is painting by numbers with petit filous and Ella’s kitchen pouches.

Also fish fingers ARE a staple.

God speed!



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