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Wild One

Whether you’re having a birthday party, a wild party or a little less wild get together, I’ve devised a plan, how/where to/survival guide.

So firstly, big up yourself for actually wanting to spend time with other people, I know it can be hard at times! I adore the planning of it all but tend to have to have a little chat with myself at some point once the party starts because it’s all a bit much.

I’m always planning my next event, party, excuse to decorate the shit out of the house and our lives.

  • THEME. Always, always start with theme first. – Once you’ve got the theme down you can start exploring the basics. Party Pieces is my favourite place for that, they have literally any and every theme. From swans to Star Wars there’s really nothing they don’t cater for. It’s a great place to find the bulk bits too, the themed napkins, cutlery. The bits that work so well but lots of other websites haven’t thought of. It’s basically the party world’s answer for Toys R us. (I’m not paid to say this but every party we’ve had including Christmas and Halloween general fun was from there.)
  • INSPIRATION. Once you have a theme get on Pinterest, they always have incredible ideas and once you have your own idea on your take on it you can work out what else you’ll need.
  • DIY. I try to do as much DIY as I can too which saves money and gives it all a bit more… personality? HobbyCraft is my go to. Me and the glue gun are one.
  • EBAY. If you’re on a budget then getting certain things that don’t necessarily need the branding behind it you can save tonnes on Ebay. I will say you may need to get your bargain hunting skills on early as a lot of the bits will be from China and take weeks to turn up. Or like Beaux’s ‘Happy birthday’ balloons that were missing the ‘R’ and ‘D’…..
  • FOOD. If it’s a biggie, look into a hog roast. We did one for Casey’s baby shower as it was for a fair few people. It worked out great, £5 a head (we got part of the pig already cooked and prepared so the veggies didn’t have to endure it) and meant there was no hassle of someone hanging round the bbq we didn’t have (Damn you, Storm Katie) Cakes are always a hit but its all relative. For our house-warming/joint birthday party we just had a pile of donuts.
  • BOOZE. Aldi, BYOB!

I think that’s pretty much it. Give yourself time to set up so you’re not stressed and ENJOY!

And just like that, you were one…


Loads of you have asked about Casey’s birthday party so here’s a run down of the above specified…

I wanted blue theme initially and then as we had the ‘Hello World’ mint and rose gold themed baby shower for him, we incorporated the ‘Hooray’ and ‘Pick and mix” to it.

The majority was from Party pieces, including the giant blue balloons (actually my favourite items), balloon accessories and helium. Also the cutest garland that said “I am one” for his high chair. We also got lots of paper decorations, mint honey comb garlands lined the front of the house (we can’t have balloons as the horses coming by freak out). We had gold bits which we weren’t able to put up due to the wind but they’re ready for the next party.

Birthday Boy outfit


Casey’s One top was a custom order from the wonderful Kato Syrup and Salt – She’s helped design my ‘Be more Helen’ t shirt and I know she’s collaborated with a few Influencers. Her work ethic, efficiency and generally all round fucking angel on earth vibe is just incredible. If you don’t know her then get to know.

Budget decorations


The blue tree was just streamers from eBay, (kept the babies mesmerised for hours) like I said previously, the bits I wanted lots of and that I wasn’t fussed about branding/name on delivery van etc like the multicoloured bunting that lined the garden was from eBay/Hong Kong too. (its 80m and I ordered too for shits and gigs) It’s also waterproof so its staying up for a while!

Feature wall

The ‘1’ wall photos were prints I got from Cheerz, I think it was about £25 for 150 prints. The quality is insane (even on ‘Edited to fuck’ photos) and if you know me I’ve had 100’s of 1000’s of printed photos. – my room used to look like One Hour Photo. I got a box of their retro prints at Christmas and they’re so cute too! (Holly15 will give you a 15% discount till the end of the month) – I won’t make any money from it and when you get your order you’ll get the same code for friends or your next order!



The cake was from a lovely lady from Instagram, Emily and she made what I asked for but so so much better. It was stunning! The 1 candle was Party pieces and the card topper was from another Instagram account handle Kiri. My mum as always made some cup cakes for her fans and we made biscuits for Beaux and her girls as well as everyone else, all bits for the biscuits was from Hobbycraft.

For the food & drink we provided basics and as money was tight we asked everyone to bring a dish and drink.



The entertainment was provided by my friend,  Carla’s Castles . This is the one we paid for. She’s a mum of two and one of the most hard-working people I know. She was actually a one man band with two side kicks for a few years so it’s great to see her succeeding. Her products are incredible, we’ve had at least one of her castles or soft play for every party and so reasonably priced. There are lots of add ons too, Scuttle bugs, baby sensory areas and things like party bags which we definitely forgot to do!

Enjoy your party planning and tag me in anything you get up to! x



(Beautiful humans, babies and puppies not available for purchase!)

If there’s anything I’ve not mentioned or linked then let me know!


**I’ve not been paid to say any of this. All opinions, as always, are my own**

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