Happy Hamper!

We’ve had, as some of you know, an insane few weeks so we’ve not had chance or opportunity to get our teeth fully immersed into all the products but here’s a first look at some of the bits we’ve loved! Keep your eyes peeled on stories in the next few days/weeks where I’ll go into more depth on everything as we start using/wearing/playing!

First off… the important one in this household at the minute… SNACKS!


We love this brand! Almost as much as the kids do. They sent some of the products I hadn’t tried or seen before including their Little Bistro oat porridge which Casey has LOVED! I love how most of their products are ‘free from’ especially seeing first hand how it can be a struggle for parents to think of meal time opions with dietry requirments, let alone snacks!

Check out their Instagram for their top rated snacks and LOTS of competitions!


Penwizard sent a bedtime story for Casey, its absolutely, perfectly, personalised with tips and tricks for bedtime relaxation and routines for him and us. It’s so sweet! We got a Blaze one for Beaux this summer and its become one of her favourites. The personalisation is such a lovely touch!

You can use code HOLLY20 to get a little something off your own!

You can check out all their amazing books and personalisations on their instagram – http://bit.ly/2nXlSyv


Snuz sent a gorgeous sleep suit for Casey, its an all year round one and as he’s now out of his beloved Sleephead, this is a great product to keep him snug and warm. It has a handy zip at the front for easy changing which will be great for the colder months while not having to get him completely out to change his nappy.

They have so many lovely designs and products on their Instagram – http://bit.ly/2wbf70H

img_0303Orchard Toys

We’ve loved this brand for a long time, Beaux plays with them a lot at nursery for group time and by choice during free play. We bought her a few of their other puzzles so she can continue the fun at home too but these ones are just great and perfect to get her brain working! Fun on her own or with a friend. I can’t recommend these enough!

Dinosaurs 2 Piece Puzzles (http://bit.ly/2B8WHlR), Superhero Lotto (http://bit.ly/2OvIj98), Llamas in Pyjamas (http://bit.ly/2BahOEl)

Their Instagram had lots of their products in action with fun quotes and competitions! – http://bit.ly/2MF63dT


Piccola added a stunning wooden cooker for Beaux wrapped up in paper, it was a wonderful gift! All put together with screws, its very sturdy and small enough to transport to the grandparents! She already had some of their extras, including the wooden cupcake set. There’s just something really special about children playing with wooden toys.

You can use code Holly20 to get a discount on all their products!


Happyology sent some wonderful clothes, such beautiful pieces! They’re so ‘on trend’ this summer and their pieces are such great quality! Beaux adores feeling girly in them as well as them being easy wearing and practical!

Check out all their lovely bits on their instagram – http://bit.ly/2ByF0fI

img_0304Cheeky Wipes

I often wonder realistically how many wet wipes get used in this house. They’re an absolute staple for cleaning anything and everything! It fills me with dread thinking what impact this product alone does to the environment. Cheeky wipes are a great guilt free way to keep babies bums fresh and clean as well as keeping our carbon footprint down. They also sent some reusable makeup wipes for me and I wont look back now I’ve used them!

Website- http://bit.ly/2LiErWY

img_0307Platypus Australia 

Sent this wonderful sun jacket which is perfect where we live as the garden has no shade! I feel more comfortable her playing outside for these last few days of summer with UPF50+ on, plus an extra layer while she has her last few visits to the splash park!

Their swimwear is just so perfect and durable, something that could with stand some serious playtime! Check out their beautiful Instagram – http://bit.ly/2BBGCpg

We also got sent these amazing Slipfree shoes which have actually become Beauxs house slippers now that the temperature has dropped and socks + wooden floors is an accident waiting to happen. Casey is wearing his as his transitional shoes before he’s fully walking and actually wore them for his first full day of nursery and everyone commented on what a wonderful idea it is to use them for that. His feet were protected while he explored outside and yet he was more stable inside while he tried walking around. Perfect!


And lastly, Wedoble kindly sent this stunning set for Casey. It’s so so cute and can’t wait for an excuse to wear it!

Look out for stories to come where I’ll be showing the products in more detail as we get lots of use out of them!

Thank you again to these wonderful brands!


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