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The hardest day you had together

“The hardest day you had together”

So while I was online browsing blog topics the other day I came across this. Instantly I thought “Well where do I even start?! I could write something to rival War & Peace!”

I began to scan memories from the last 3.5 years of parenthood, I knew there would be something in the memory bank. To my surprise though, I couldn’t pin point anything specific. There’s no ‘Flashbulb Memory’ of a day that I thought I would just like to run away and change my identity. I think this may resonate in a few people out there, thinking you could pin down a specific day/event of moment that questioned your sanity and that drove you to the point of breaking when realistically it was probably just spilling some of your cold coffee down your 3 day old pyjamas that made you consider looking up your local priest for an exorcism.

I know for me it’s never down to one thing, person, event. It’s a culmination of tantrums, back chats, unidentified objects being removed from mouths, feeling entirely disposable and unappreciated sweeping for the 27493 time while attempting to finish the 3rd microwaved coffee of the day.

Being a baby wrangler is tough. We need more medals and shiny things!

But realistically can you say there was a ‘hardest’ day? or just lots of plates spinning and not a lot of time decompressing.

These tough days and parental “fails” often become laughable… (Once the sleep deprivation and irrational, hormonal hell wears off.) We become comedians when we’re among other adults, all doing our own stand ups. “This one time I’d left her for 2 minutes…. 3 tops!” “Remember when she said ‘F*%$k sake’ in the middle of Tescos?!” – Just know that these things are here to test us and one day we’ll be able to use this time at the next ‘comedy night’ we have with our friends who are all far too familiar with exactly how hilariously awful these moments are.

One thing that really hit me when I stayed up thinking about this the other night was that while I may not remember the hardest day with them, they will remember their hardest days with me. So with that, I’m intending on lessening the load, putting some decent meals on some of those plates, maybe some sushi, who knows! But what I do know is that burning out, dropping the plates isn’t really an option when little ones rely on you. Go easy on yourselves, Mamas.

“A bad moment, a bad day, a bad week, does not make you a bad parent”



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