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“Sometimes being a sister is better than being a princess.” #ad

“Sometimes being a sister is better than being a princess.” – Beaux Bliss 2019

In the interest of transparency, I’ve marked this #ad as we have teamed up with Party Pieces to create one of their Party in a Box. (No money has been exchanged but its advertisement either way.)

As an only child I always wondered what it was like to have a sibling; someone to laugh with, to love unconditionally, someone to take the blame and someone to share your whole life with. While I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything, I’m glad I get to see the other side, first hand. Beaux and Casey are two peas in a pod, anywhere Beaux goes Casey wont be far behind. She hates when he messes up her toys but forgives him within moments. This valentines Beaux asked if we could do something all together, with Casey too, as last year it was only me and her who exchanged gifts with Dan.

If you know me then you know I’ll have a little celebration with any excuse!

We’ve used Party Pieces for almost every party we’ve had in the last 3/4 years and when they asked if we were interested in a Collaboration I jumped at the chance!  So with that I’ve created an extra special ‘Party in a box‘ for valentines. Although I chose pieces that have steered away from the generic Valentines theme, I think the reds can be quite cliché and in all honesty a little offensive. These pieces are a little more premium and also evergreen. Baby showers/wedding/birthday friendly, affordable, hassle free and a way to help everyone get involved if it is something for the kids.

The box contains:

Rose gold LOVE balloon

Floral faux flower garland

I added some fairy lights to these, I seem to have accumulated so many over the years. They’re literally dotted around the house everywhere!

Glass tea lights

These can be hung or used on tables, they look so cute with tea lights in too. We’d hoped to get to the florist and let Beaux chose some real flowers for these but we didn’t manage to get out.

Wooden heart peg photo garland

This was a perfect opportunity to get Beaux involved, she chose some of her favourite photos and ones of her and Casey, we spoke about what she loves about being a sister and what Valentines is about and she said she wanted everyday to be like “Balentimes so we could love each other even more every day”

Heart chocolates

These were a massive hit with the kids!

These are some of favourite pieces and I’ve got a few things coming up this year that I can reuse these bits. Our party box is getting a little out of hand now! I’ve bought a few of their parties in a box previously, the Bee one was a personal favourite.

Everything is so affordable and there really is something for everyone, for every occasion.

I’d love to know what other Party in a Box themes you’d like to see in the future and would love to feature photos of your Valentines box’s and see how you style them!

Thank you for the continued support and giving me opportunities like these!

Happy Partying!



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  1. Jenny
    July 23, 2019 / 8:51 am

    Beautiful xx

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