Blissfully Home Made #everydayfavourites Gousto AD

So as most of you know we’re a little Gousto mad in our house, we’ve worked our way through most of the recipes and it’s a way for Dan and I to treat ourselves at home while eating well for a reasonable price.

The kids always want to see what we’re eating or “just try a little bit” which leads to them loving it and wanting to eat the rest so we’ve been trying the ‘Every day favourites’ that are perfect for little ones as well as big ones and I can’t rate them highly enough. Beaux’s really into cooking programmes at the minute so this is her introducing herself to you guys before we starting making her new favourite meal. (This is something she alllllways wants to try but is too spicey when Dan and I make them 🌢) she loves helping make meals and this is an easy way to make sure she’ll at least try said meal. Just the whole preparation is enough to get her invested. (Notice her ‘gredients and tools’ in her apron pocket πŸ˜…)

Before we even got started we hit the jackpot! – Baby pepper inside a pepper, her favourite vegetable!

and then she ate it πŸ˜… Beaux ate most of the pepper We left out the chilli flakes but you can use as much or as little heat as your family can handle which I love. This seasoning is THE best I’ve ever had.

The instructions were really easy to follow, especially for when you have little ones in the background causing distractions, really quick to prepare and easy to adjust/amend to cater for all family members.

I think it’s also important to make meal times fun so that there’s more incentive for them to get involved and want to try it. She chose the plates (obviously) and laid out the food how she wanted it to be presented.

Tying this range really made me consciously think about the ingredients and the quality I’m giving them and how it really doesn’t take hours to prepare. I love that these #everydayfavourites are guaranteed 2/5 a day, they can be prepped in under half an hour and they all have a Gousto twist (whether it’s marmite or clotted cream, they seem to lift any meal with things you wouldn’t do at home.)

We have fajitas once a week normally and it’s always just a packet one but after having this I’m never looking back. We actually had it again with Dan’s parents over the weekend but made about 373949 more portions (for Dan alone) and a LOT more heat. It’s an absolute hit for all generations in our family!

Take a look over at Gousto to see their ‘everyday favourites’ range and I dare you not to salivate at the sight of it! 😍 (get 60% off with code HOLLYGOUSTO )

(Ps the special bangers and mash are BANGING)


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